We Just Don't Compete,
We Disrupt Online Marketing

We Just Don't Compete,
We Disrupt Online Marketing

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You Save & Your Favorite
Non-Profit Also Benefits!

Deeply Discounted, Non-Expiring, Digital Cash Certificates!

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Microsoft Opted-in Emailing
Lowest Cost & Best Deliverability
  • Microsoft emails unlimited contacts your Sales Pitch & Links, for $9 per mo., with our software!

  • You can also email yourself 50 million per each $5 MSFT License, with our software!

  • Software Cleans all Bounces from your lists—No additional cost!

  • Opt-in Email Data Included & We Replace All Bounces!

  • Create your own Yammer Social Media Network & MSFT Emails Unlimited Invitations for you!

  • 2009 Innovative Solution

    Database Emailer

    "The Innovative Solutions Award recognizes solutions that are groundbreaking & provide quantifiable business value for end-user."

    "Database Emailer customers can also run their own queries through an online interface, rather than having to email requests to (and wait for a response from) the company's IT staff."

    Julie Langekamp, Information Management Magazine, Editor-in-chief

    AIT Technology Research Confirmed

    “Database Emailer is the largest opt-in email database in the United States. Opt-in means that people have expressly agreed to receive product offers and specials by email. The company sells email lists that can be targeted by multiple criteria or “selects,” such as geographic location and demographics (e.g. income, gender, dwelling status). Its customers then market to these lists.”

    400 Million opted-in Residential

    200 Million Business Employees

    Many other databases

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    Our Amazon Alexa Certified
    Skills are Game Changers

    SNAP Deals 51nz9dktCuL "Alexa, SNAP Deals"
    Blasts 51UoIUatKOL "Alexa, Play My BLASTS!"
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    Free Anonymous Search Saves Money!
    No Overpriced Sponsor & SEO Ads!

    Sellers Intro Special: Free Real Time Leads!


    Live Event

    Free Live Webinars from Local Pros
    & Group Tutoring as Low as $3hr!
    Fun Events Too!


    USA Group Rates "group buying power" enables
    you to obtain National Account Status
    to substantially reduce merchant services!


    Free URL Services Hurt You:
    Competitor Ad Supported
    Abused by spammers!


    365Emailing.com a Microsoft Partner

    Our Software Syncs with Microsoft Office 365/Azure
    Unlimited MSFT Emailing of your Sales Pitch & Links!
    Exceptional Deliverability, Tracking and User Friendly!
    Syncs with Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, etc., to Make Sales!


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    AIT Research Confirmed Database Emailer is the largest opted-in email business in the USA. Information Management Magazine awarded Database Emailer its “Innovative Solutions Award.” Billions of data records globally. Online query system enables users to create an account and simultaneously search by dozens of criteria and debit the data credits it buys.We can also private /white label the award-winning data query system. No expiration of the data credits. Many thousands of retail customers use Database Emailer for its data. The white label Emailer Software is a technological masterpiece enabling emailing at $1 per 100,000 through 3rd party email servers.

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    Anyone that sends or receivesimportant emails needs Whitelist Emails. Businesses/Schools place our link on their registration page for new registrations and for existing customers/students the link is emailed. Emailed recipients simply click that senders unique link and up to 10 domains of that Business/School get automatically added to the emailed recipient’s admin dashboard settings. The result is recipients using Gmail, Outlook, Live, MSN, Hotmail email services now have all important emails go to inbox instead of important emails going to the junk folder! Now with the pandemic and school faculty and students and employees all home it is now more important than ever to use Whitelist Emails.

    Additionally, a business can add sales jargon in its emails and upsells its customers without the filters dumping the emails into junk folder. There is no competition for this unique service. Additional email services providers will soon be coming onboard as email senders are advising their emailed recipients that to ensure the email gets into the inbox use one the email services that Whitelist Emails covers.

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    Buyers and Sellers Both Benefit: “Crowd Buying” is the “New Wave” to Save Money! Homes & Offices Use Social Media to Quickly Form and Join “Huge Buying Groups,” to get “Huge Group Deals!”. The Larger the Group, the more Buying Power, so members use their Social Media contacts to invite others, as it’s Free to join as many buying groups as desired! Members can share knowledge to make an informative purchase. Members also save time and don’t have to deal with Sales people as members remain anonymous, as they evaluate sellers deals! Sellers also benefit as sellers are guaranteed to reach highly targeted group members, which are currently interested in the sellers product/service! Additionally the sellers deal presentation is not just emailed, it is listed in the members admin so the offer has longevity, than just an email in an inbox!

    Sellers can even send to just a part of the Group. Sellers can target: (1) All USA & Canada (2) by specific USA State and Canadian Province (3) Zip Codes (4) Radius from a zip code (5) by Gender. Additionally when a seller contacts a targeted group, the seller can later come back and request ONLY NEW MEMBERS that joined the Group after the sellers last deal presentation!

    We also provide local employers free resume evaluation/hiring! Therefore, we obviously are the first place to search for local talent before paying LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Indeed, Glass Door, or a private “headhunter” recruiter, etc.


    Savings Sites

    Digital Town Newspaper & Savings Directory. The directories benefit local businesses, residents, organizations, and the municipality, as each cross promotes one another. We own 90% of homes opted-in email data already, which the municipality uses to enhance communications at no cost. Our Amazon Alexa Blasts service sends audio messages directly to resident’s cell phones at a million per second. The municipality uses our data, so it is protected from residential OPRA email data disclosure laws that would force turning over resident’s email data to anyone.

    Residents conveniently save money, business receive free promotion of its offers and a valuable free benefit package, and Local Orgs easily fundraise. See the About page of Savings Sites provides a detailed overview of all the free benefits each party receives. When you are done reading it you will say WOW now that is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties.


    Food Order Savings

    Game Changer! Absolutely Free, we refer new orders to restaurants if they offer just a limited number of deals. The deals are sold to help nonprofits raise funds. For example, if the restaurant offer a $20 for $40 deal. The PTA may sell access to that $20 discount for $10. So, the PTA parents pay $10 to save $20 and get on the good list of PTA! FOS shares in the donation claiming fee.

    If the restaurant doesn’t want to offer deals, the cost per new order referred is still only $2.00. Either way, the restaurant also gets access to its customers contact data for follow-ups! Yes, even at $2.00 FOS is 75% less than what other online order services charge, and they don’t give restaurants the customers data! The service is faster, more accurate and payments are safer. It totally blows away the competition—so much so that we feel sorry for them! NOT!!!


    SNAP Deals

    Short Notice Alert Program (SNAP) Deals. FREE---Businesses emailand Alexa broadcast to cell phones: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084V2GS5TBusinessessend as many deals as they want to residents. Residents have SNAP Filtersto kill all junk offers! (A) Minimum Discount Requirement (B) Days of the Week to use the deal (C) Times of the Day to use the deal. Savings Sites emails &Alexa Broadcasts the deal to the residents---only if all SNAP filters are met.

    Residents can have different SNAP Filters for different businesses. Since residents have indicated their SNAP filters, Savings Sites is able to advise the businesses prior to submitting the deal how many residents will receive its deal!So for example: If the business created a 30% deal, and can only handle 20 dinner orders at 5:00pm, and knows the deal is going to 300 people, the business will lower the 30% to maybe 20% and still get 20 dinner orders!



    Part of the Savings Sites platform. SNAP Dining provides all the functionality that Open Table and YELP provide, PLUS much more, and it is FREE for local restaurants! SNAP Dining enables restaurants to set different discounts for every hour of the day and days of the week, to incentivize patrons to dine off peak hours.

    saving delivery

    Savings Delivery

    Part of the Savings Sites platform and it is also FREE!!! No paying up to 30% of the bill!!! Savings Delivery provides all the functionality to create menus, change prices 24/7, and receive online orders. Restaurants receive their own website that features JUST THEIR BUSINESS as well as is entered into the Savings Delivery Directory of all Restaurants. The public can use the mobile responsive website or download the Android or iOS apps. Restaurants do not need to switch from their current online ordering, they just phase them out as FREE is better than 30% of the gross!!!


    Peekaboo Discounted Cash Certificates

    Sample: Joes Restaurant wants the valuable free benefit package and want free promotion of its offer. Joe agrees that it will accept 100 redemptions for the month of an offer in which Joe will receive $30 for $60 of value. Joe does not discount above the $60 and no refund if less than $60 is spent. The $30 discount if marketed through local Organizations as a fundraiser! Local Orgs simply email members and say,“Go to the Savings Directory and claim digital cash certificates and save money!!!”Org members pay a donation claiming fee of maybe $15 to the Savings Sites publisher and have Joe’s digital cash certificate pop up on their phone.

    The Org member nets a $15 savings and helps one of their favorite local organizations of their choice, instead of buying typical overpriced products! The directory publisher receives 100 cash certificate claims X $15 each =$1,500 from just one business!Just 50 businesses grosses $75,000 per month. The publisher will share the $75,000 per month with the Local Orgs that referred its members to claim the digital cash certificates. Businesses get free promotion of offers, residents save by giving to their favorite local org, and do not have to pay upfront for the whole dinner like Groupon. The digital cash certificates get activated in front of the server and tell the server if the cash certificate has been used before! The directory publisher signs up many local businesses, as it is a no brainer for businesses and the local Orgs do the marketing! Everyone wins marketing brilliance!


    Access Other Savings Sites

    This feature of the Savings Sites Directory enables the publisher to enter websites of many other ways to save money. Savings Sites becomes a portal resource to save money. Many of the businesses listed within this feature will reciprocally promote Savings Sites. This feature also is an enhanced bookmarking system as extensive notes can be saved on the people you spoke with at each site.

    new movers

    New Movers

    We have a team of 22 people overseas that everyday collects the public new mover data from the county websites throughout the USA. Every morning we get 1 consolidated file that we upload into our award-winning data business.So no data out there that is better. Businesses save their search criteria, for example targeted zip codes, minimum home prices, etc. Businesses also save a sales template letter on our server. When businesses create their sales template letter businesses enter temporary data replacement codes in the sales letter.

    Database Emailer runs new mover searches as soon as the daily feed comes in, and when businesses “saved data criteria” is matched the “actual data values” automatically flow into their “saved sales letter” replacing the temporary place holder codes! Customer sales letters are then emailed to the businesses as a standard word doc! Businesses simply print the letters on to its business letterhead! The business can fold the letter and send it out as a self-mailer, or stick it in an envelope, or just call the new mover and say let’s do some business! The same day that the data came in, a letter is going out from the LOCAL POST OFFICE, not an out of State marketing company like Welcome Wagon! Additionally, the business handwrites the new movers name and postal address and uses a real stamp, not some junk mail looking bulk rate postal indicia! That is the way to get that letter noticed! It gets even better! The business advises the new mover to go to the Savings Sites Directory to see the business ad and claim free $10 of credits towards discounted cash certificates! When the new mover claims the $10 of credits, it is added to that business SNAP email list! Now the Directory owner also has the email addresses of new movers and can email menus of the restaurants etc. It gets better! The business can buy the data record for only 10 cents instead of paying up to $1.00 per record and the Savings Directory owner only pays 1 cent! Yes 90% profit margin selling new mover data!



    Full featured classifieds system with every possible category you can imagine.

    educational webinars

    Educational Webinars

    Participant Benefits: • Replay webinar on your free time and play it over and over until you understand it instead of asking questions that were already covered. • Ask questions but remain anonymous! • Contact the business after speaking with spouse or other businesses and have your advisors review the recorded webinar! • Go take your bathroom break and get a bite to eat when the business is covering parts of the presentation that you already understand well. • Leave w/o feeling awkward! You know how awkward it feels to get up in the middle of a presentation and leave with all the people staring at you, whispering "how rude." • No need to waste time and money, dressing up, commuting, baby sitter, etc.

    Business Benefits: • Low Cost Flat Rate --When you figure out what it costs to rent a hotel, provide coffee and doughnuts, and buy ads to promote the seminar---your cost per participant will probably be 20X higher than our flat rate cost---and we don't charge you when your recorded webinar is watched and goes viral • Greater Exposure. Record Webinars-Participants will watch later on their free time---Shared via social media, as the webinar can go viral; whereas your hotel seminar is dead--No Weather Issues to prevent participants from showing up--Participants can attend from anywhere! • Choose only good questions from chat and ignore questions from participants that keep asking moronic questions that waste everyone's time! • Successful and smart participants don't want to discuss their personal businesses in a seminar setting-your smart participants will anonymously ask their good questions via chat! • Participants can watch the recorded webinar multiple times so when they are finally ready to talk to you, it reduces your time, they are ready to do business! • No dealing with phones going off, babies crying, hotel servers walking around pouring coffee and clearing tables, people getting up and leaving, and people making noise. Just MUTE EVERYONE until you are ready to take questions!


    Local Orgs

    All the Local Organizations that participate. Local Orgs receive free promotion of their activities and events. Get new members. Fundraise by simply telling their members to go save money by claiming deeply discounted cash certificates.


    Local Events

    Unique calendar system that enables events from the Municipality, school system and Local Orgs to be consolidated into one calendar. Residents only see events based upon their indicated interests’ groups. Filtered events then flow directly to cell phones so all events of interest are in the palm of the user’s hand.

    local blog

    Local Blog

    Publishers may create as many BLOG topics as they want. All the local chit chat creates traffic. More traffic translates into more sales of cash certificates and use of other features.


    Alexa Blasts

    Using Amazon Alexa, we were certified for a unique Alexa skill in which we can send Alexa Blasts directly to cell phones in up to 15 languages. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08974BGFZBlasts may also be scheduled for future release and can go out based upon interest groups. Alexa Blasts go out at a speed of million per second making it particularly attractive for emergency services from the local, county or State governments and Utilities. Additionally, emails are sent containing what was presented in audio. Because we own the email data this insulates the municipality from OPRA laws that forced disclosure of resident’s email addresses.

    These emails are sponsored by businesses so businesses understand these important emails will be opened. The Blasts service will also soon be joined by Google Actions voice blasts service and we have already reserved GoogleBlasts.com. No competition for this innovative way to communicate that is far superior than the robo dialing that most municipalities do today. Go to AlexaBlasts.com for more information.


    Live Events

    Free Live Webinars from Local Pros & Group Tutoring as Low as $3hr! Fun Events Too!

    USA Group

    USA Group Rates

    USA Group Rates "group buying power" enables you to obtain National Account Status to substantially reduce merchant services! Additionally, it is with CardPointe, a division of industry leader Fiserv/First Data! Now you can deal directly with national account teams for better rates and service!

    Monthly volumes from $2,000 to many MILLIONS will save money! In fact, if CardPointe can't beat your rates, USA Group Rates will freely provide with: (a) www.HugeGroupDeals.com 1,000 highly targeted, real time sales leads; (b) www.DatabaseEmailer.com 10,000 opted-in email data leads (c) www.SavingsSites.com promotion at NO COST in a Directory.

    our site


    4Our.Site is a new URL Shortening service that also combines advanced tracking that uses cloud servers that have a 99.99% up time.

    This project was developed for businesses that have opted-in lists that are using our “www.tipsdlmanager.xn--com-9o0a software that enables businesses to opt-in email using its $5 a month Microsoft Office 365 account for virtually an unlimited number of opted-in emailing of their customers.

    We provide a very easy to understand very low-cost pricing structure. Competitors that provide a free service just to capture your data only hurts you. Those free services are used by spammers and that leads to the short URL being blacklisted or at minimum your company losing credibility for using such services.

    365 Emailing

    365 Emailing

    We are a Microsoft Partner Company that has developed software that synchs with Microsoft users $5 per month Microsoft Office 365 account.

    A 100,000 Microsoft List of contacts can be emailed up to 10,000 times a month. Microsoft allows 300,000 different lists simultaneously, and up to 25mb file size per recipient if you wish to attach a file.

    Our software does all the other things that are needed that Microsoft does not easily provide. It loads data, removes bounces, exports cleaned data, allows for automated opt-out and much more.

    Software Development

    Our Email Software enables you to email your customers
    for $1 per 100,000 emails sent, through 3rd party email servers!

    Our Contact Page Submitter Automatically Posts personalized messages into the Contact
    Pages of Millions of uploaded Businesses!


    TIPS Provides Valuable Opportunities

    service-icon1w service-icon-1

    Creative Business Models

    Do not get involved with a “Me Too” business. The only way to truly thrive is to innovate, build a better mouse trap, and disrupt traditional ways!

    service-icon2w service-icon-2


    People judge you by the company you keep. Our unique Amazon Alexa Certified skills, and our unique Google and Microsoft Certified Whitelist software gives you credibility and marketing power.

    service-icon3w service-icon-3

    Web Development

    Let us handle the coding and website geek stuff and you sit at home and concentrate on marketing. We are happy to get your feedback and constantly improve our hosting of your website.

    service-icon-12w service-icon-12

    Business Plan

    Step by step getting started directions along with recorded webinars, daily discussions with existing Savings Sites Directory owners, to learn the various businesses you choose to market.

    service-icon5w service-icon-5

    Digital Marketing

    Free access to 200+ million business employees & 400+ Million residential opted-in email data. Email for $1 per 100,000 with our email software. Sharp looking mobile responsive sites, social media and Alexa integrated. Looks like you spent huge time & money developing.

    service-icon-9w service-icon-9

    company branding

    You own your own your domain name and brand it in your local market, resell your business, control all cash, set your own prices. White label Database Emailer data and software resale also can be sold under your brand.

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